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Margaret Ball


Acorna (with Anne McCaffrey)



Acorna: The Unicorn Girl

Acorna's Quest
Image copyright Stephen Hickman
Image copyright Larry Elmore
Images copyright John Ennis

Anne McCaffrey's Brainships

(1992) (with Anne McCaffrey

(with Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey)
PartnerShip and The Ship Who Searched
Image Copyright Stephen Hickman
Image Copyright Tom Kidd


Duchess of Aquitaine
, 2006

Disappearing Act
, 2004

, 1996

A Bridge to the Sky
, 1996
Image Copyright Kinuko Y. Craft
Image Copyright Bob Eggleton
Image Copyright Larry Elmore
Cover image copyright Sanjulian

Lost in Translation
, 1995

No Earthly Sunne
, 1994

The Shadow Gate
, 1990
Image Copyright Tom Kidd as Newell Convers with Courtney Skinner
Image Copyright Tom Kidd as Newell Convers
Image Copyright Tom Kidd


Embeadery, 2004
Sir Walter Scott as a Critic of Literature, 2006
The Principles of Outlining, for Colleges and Advanced Classes in Secondary Schools
Wrong Margaret Ball, but I'm putting it here anyway
Jane's Journal

Romance Novels as by Catherine Lyndell

Journey to Desire

Stolen Dreams

Border Fires


Tapestry of Pride

Vows of Desire


Alliance of Love

Captive Hearts

Midsummer Rose

Short Stories

"Fun with Hieroglyphics"
  • The Chick is in the Mail
  • Chicks Ahoy!
  • "Tales from the Slushpile"
  • Did You Say Chicks?
  • Chicks Ahoy!
  • "Career Day"
  • Did You Say Chicks?
  • Chicks Ahoy!
  • "Communications Problem"
  • Cosmic Tales: Adventures in Sol System
  • "Shell Game"
  • Past Lives, Present Tense
  • "Twelve Gates to the City"
  • Armageddon
  • "Coyote Woman"
  • Realms of Fantasy, December 1996
  • "La Curandera"
  • The Shimmering Door
  • Sorceries
  • "A Hole in the Sky"
  • Space Opera
  • "Hold Me Fast and Fear Not"
  • Realms of Fantasy, April 1995
  • "Notes During a Time of Civil War"
  • Women at War
  • "Ballad of the Outer Life"
  • Adventures in the Twilight Zone
  • "Totally Spaced Barbie"
  • Amazing Stories, Winter 1994
  • "Telling Human Stories"
  • Hotel Andromeda
  • "Sikander Khan"
  • Betcha Can't Read Just One
  • "Joyful All Ye Nations Rise"
  • Christmas Forever
  • Her Official Site

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