As Rachel Caine


Working Stiff
, 2011

The Morganville Vampires

Morganville Vampires Omnibus 1

Morganville Vampires Omnibus 2

Morganville Vampires UK Omnibus 1

Glass Houses

Dead Girls' Dance

Midnight Alley

Feast of Fools

Morganville Vampires Omnibus 3

Morganville Vampires Omnibus 4

Lord of Misrule

Carpe Corpus

Fade Out

Kiss of Death

Ghost Town

Bite Club

Last Breath

Black Dawn

Many Bloody Returns

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Immortal: Love Stories With Bite

"Dead Man Stalking"

The Eternal Kiss: 13 Vampire Tales of Blood & Desire

"All Hallows"

Vampires: The Recent Undead

"Dead Man Stalking"

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions

"Amelie's Story" "Lunch Date" "Sam's Story"
"Grudge" "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" "Murdered Out"
"Myrnin's Tale"

Outcast Season




, Feb 7, 2012

Those Who Fight Monsters

The Weather Wardens

Ill Wind

Heat Stroke

Chill Factor
Cover Art copyright Dave Seeley



Thin Air
cover art copyright Larry Rostant

Gale Force

Cape Storm

Total Eclipse

Anthologies with Short Stories by Rachel Caine

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding

My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon

Strange Brew

Ripple Effect

The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance

Dark & Stormy Kngights

The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance

Free Short Stories at

"Oasis" "No Love Lost" "Midnight at Mart's"
"Claimed" "Ladies' Night"

Silhouette Bombshells

Athena Force

Devil's Bargain

Devil's Due

Line Of Sight

Kolchak The Nightstalker:

As Roxanne Longstreet Conrad

Free Download
Exile, Texas, 2003
  • "Minute Maids"
  • "The True Blood of Martyrs"
  • "Falling For Grace"
  • "Godfellas, or Vic Takes a Room at the Magellan"
  • "An Affinity For Blue"
  • "Cold Moon"
  • "Duty"
  • "The Dead God, Dreaming

  • "The Dark Downstairs"
    Dracula in London, 2001
    "Faith Like Wine"
    The Time of the Vampires
    "Is That Your Final Answer...?"
    Seven Seasons of Buffy, 2003
    "Welcome To Wolfram & Hart: The Semi-Complete Guide To Evil"
    Five Seasons of Angel, 2003
    "When in Rome, Don't Wear That"
    Stepping Through the Stargate
    "Extra Points for Strippers: The Existential Cop Show Scoring System"
    What Would Sipowicz Do?: Race, Rights and Redemption in NYPD Blue, 2003
    "Mirror/Mirror - A Parody"
    Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly
    "They Scanned Our Brainwaves From Orbit..."
    Alias Assumed: Sex, Lies and SD-6
    "Universe on a Budget"
    Farscape Forever
    "The Proper Wizard's Guide to Good Manners"
    Mapping the World of Harry Potter

    As Roxanne Longstreet


    , 1990 (media tie-in)

    Red Angel
    , 1994

    Slow Burn
    , 1996

    The Undead
    , 1993

    Cold Kiss
    , 2001

    As Roxanne Conrad

    Julie Fortune, queen of Fanfic!

    Copper Moon
    , 1997

    Bridge of Shadows
    , 1998

    Sacrifice Moon

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