(John) Michael Crichton (1942-2008)


, 2011

Private Latitudes
, 2009

, 2006

State of Fear
, 2004
published posthumously
completed by Richard Preston
Prometheus Award 2005
(Libertarian Futurist Society)

, 2002

, 1998

, 1996

, 1993
Phantastic Preis Award 2003
2003 movie starring
Paul Walker & Gerard Butler
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1994 movie starring
Michael Douglas & Demi Moore
Buy Disclosure on

Rising Sun
, 1991

, 1987

, 1980

Eaters of the Dead
, 1976
1193 movie starring
Sean Connery & Wesley Snipes
Buy Rising Son on
1998 movie starring
Dustin Hoffman & Sharon Stone & Samuel L. Jackson
Buy Sphere on DVD
1995 movie starring
Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) and Tim Curry
Buy Congo on DVD
1999 movie starring
Antonio Banderas
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Jurassic Park
, 1980

The Lost World
, 1994
Michael Crichton was only peripherally involved in Jurassic Park III
1991 Locus Award Winner for Best Novel
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Please note, the movie, The Lost World, has the same NAME as MC's sequel to JP, but the book & the movie have little-to-nothing else in common
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  • Bram Stoker Award for Best Screenplay, 1994
  • 1995 Academy Award for Technical Achievement
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    According to Hollywood sources, there's a fourth JP movie in pre-production. We'll just have to see, huh?

    The Great Train Robbery
    , 1973

    The Terminal Man
    , 1972

    The Andromeda Strain
    , 1969
    1980 Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture
    Won 1971 Seiun Award (Japanese equivalent to HUGO)
    1979 movie starring
    Sean Connery & Donald Sutherland
    Buy The Great Train Robbery onDVD
    1974 movie starring
    George Segal (Just Shoot Me)
    Buy The Terminal Man onDVD
    1971 movie
    Buy The Andromeda Strain on DVD
    2008 miniseries starring
    Benjamin Bratt & Rick Schroder & Eric McCormack & Daniel Dae Kim & André Braugher
    Buy The Andromeda Strain on DVD

    Short fiction & poetry

    "Johnny at 8:30" [poem]
    [untitled short sotry]
    "Life Goes to a Party"
    "The Most Important Part of the Lab"
    First Words
    Earliest Writing From Favorite Contemporary
    "Blood Doesn't Come Out"
    McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales
    "The Most Powerful Tailor in the World"
    Playboy, Sept 1971
    "Mousetrap: A Tale of Computer Crime"
    Life, January 1984

    Television & Film

    Twister Screenplay
    (with Anne-Marie Martin--his then-wife)

    Buy ER: all 15 seasons on DVD

    1989 movie Directed by Crichton
    Burt Reynolds & Ted McGinley & Ned Beatty
    Buy Physical Evidence on DVD

    1984 movie starring Tom Selleck & Cynthia Rhodes (Dirty Dancin')
    Buy it on DVD
    1996 movie starring
    Helen Hunt & Bill Paxton & Cary Elwes & Jami Gertz & Lois Smith & Alan Ruck & Joey Slotnick
    Buy Twister on DVD
  • won Peabody Award for ER (created and wrote first 3 episodes)
  • Writer's Guild Award of Amarica Award for TV script
  • 1996 Emmy Award

  • 1981 movie starring
    Albert Finney & James Coburn
    Buy Looker on DVD

    1978 Crichton-directed movie
    based on novel by Robin Cook starring
    Genevieve Bujold & Michael Douglas & Rip Torn
    Buy Coma onDVD

    1973 movie based on Screenplay titled Extreme Close-Up written by Crichton
    Buy Sex Through a Window on DVD


    , 1974 [novelization?]

    1973 movie starring Yul Brynner & James Brolin
    Buy WestWorld on DVD

    1976 non-Crichton sequel starring
    Peter Fonda & Blythe Danner (Meet the Parents)
    Buy FutureWorld onDVD

    Beyond WestWorld
    1980 TV series (5 episodes) based on the two previous movies
    Nebula Nominee best dramatic presentation 1973


    Five Patients
    , 1970 (nf)

    Jasper Johns
    , 1977 (nf)

    Electronic Life: How to Think about Computers
    , 1983 (nf)

    , 1988 (nf)
    1970 Association of American Medical Writers Award

    The Global Warming Code
    Nanotech Heads to Hollywood
    Nanotechnology Preys Upon the Public
    Michael Crichton on Global Warming

    Writing as Jeffrey Hudson

    With brother Douglas Crichton
    As Michael Douglas

    A Case of Need
    , 1968
    Was made into 1972 movie starring
    James Coburn
    "How Does That Make You Feel"
    [short story]
    Playboy, November 1968

    Dealing, or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues
    , 1971
    Was made into 1972 movie starring:
    John Lithgow & Barbara Hershey & Charles Durning
    Buy Dealing on DVD
    1968 Edgar Award for Best Novel

    Writing as John Lange

    , 1972
    Was made into 1972 movie starring
    Martin Sheen & Ben Gazzara (Roadhouse) and E.G. Marshall (Tommyknockers)
    Buy PURSUIT on DVD

    Grave Descend
    , 1970

    Drug of Choice
    , 1970

    The Venom Business
    , 1969

    Zero Cool
    , 1969

    Easy Go / The Last Tomb
    , 1968

    Scratch One, 1967

    Odds On
    , 1966

    Books ABOUT Michael Crichton

    Greenhaven Press
    Literary Companion to Contemporary Authors
    Michael Crichton
    The Science of Michael Crichton
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    A Critical Companion
    Michael Crichton: People in the News

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    CheckerBee Checklist
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    Christie's Auction Catalog
    Works from the Collection of Michael Crichton
    Conversations with Michael Crichton

    Scion of Frankenstein
    Michael Crichton, novelist and policy provocateur
    Michael Crichton
    From the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture
    Academics of the University of Cambridge
    Authors and the Works their Books Inspired:
    Michael Crichton

    Video Games

    Congo: Descent into Zinj
    Westworld 2000

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