Julie E. Czerneda

The Clan Chronicles

Trade Pact Cycle

A Thousand Words for Stranger

Ties of Power

To Trade the Stars


Reap The Wild Wind

Riders of the Storm

Rift In The Sky

NEXT ReUnification!!!

Web Shifters

Beholder's Eye

Changing Vision

Hidden in Sight
"A Touch of Blue"
Heroes In Training
"She's Such a Nasty Morsel"
Women at War
DAW's 30th Anniversary Anthology of Science Fiction

Species Imperative





In the Company of Others

A Turn of Light
, due 2012

The Gossamer Mage, Not Yet Completed
All previous novel covers painted by Luis Royo
Two placeholder images painted by Jose Luis Royo

Edited Anthologies

, edited

Summoned to Destiny
, edited

Space, Inc
, edited

Fantastic Companions
, edited

Under Cover of Darkness
, edited

, edited

Ages of Wonder
, edited

No Limits
, edited

Packing Fraction
, edited

, edited

, edited

Tales From The Wonder Zone

, edited

, edited

, edited

, edited

, edited

Short Fiction

"First Contact Inc."
First Contact
Parsec Magazine Vol. 4 (1) Fall 2000M
Wondrous Beginnings
"'Ware the Sleeper"
Battle Magic
CanCon 2001 programme
"Dear John"
X The Unknown
Odyssey Magazine October 98 issue #6
"Prospect Park"
Packing Fraction and Other Tales of Science Fiction and Imagination
"The Passenger"
Treachery and Treason
"The Midas Spell"
Spell Fantastic
"Down on the Farm"
Far Frontiers
Nominated for the Prix Aurora Award 2001 for Best Short-form English
"Left Foot on a Blind Man"
Silicon Dreams
Winner of the Prix Aurora Award 2002 for Best Short-form English
"Over Suds"
Alias Assumed
"Bubbles and Boxes"
New Voices in Science Fiction
Distant Early Warnings: Canada's Best Science Fiction
"The Franchise"
sequel to novel In the Company of Others
Space Stations
"Brothers Bound"
set in the Trade Pact Universe
Sirius the Dog Star
“Out of China”
“Birthday Jitters”
Haunted Holidays
In the Shadow of Evil
"The Forever Brotherhood"
Campus Chills
Fate Fantastic
"No Place Like Home"
Forbidden Planets
"Gossamer Mage: Intended Words"
Jim Baen's Universe v3#4
"What Sleeps in the Shallows Belongs to the Depths"
Jim Baen's Universe v1#1
Finding Magic by Tanya Huff
Chimerascope by Douglas Smith
Summer of Dreaming by Lyn McConchie

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