Novels of the Humanx Commonwealth
Pip & Flinx

Flinx Transcendant

in Exceptions to Reality

Image shown is Tim White [UK] cover for Bloodhype

Trouble Magnet


Running From The Deity
Original US over image painted by Darrell K. Sweet

Sliding Scales

Flinx's Folly

in Impossible Places
Image shown is Tim White [UK] cover for The Tar-Aiym Krang



Flinx in Flux
Cover images Copyright Bob Eggleton

in Stellar Science Fiction #4

The End of the Matter

Flinx of the Commonwealth
[omnibus books 1-3]
Cover images Copyright Bob Eggleton

Orphan Star

The Tar-Aiym Krang

For Love of Mother-Not
Cover images Copyright Bob Eggleton
Icerigger Trilogy

The Deluge Drivers
, 1987

Mission to Moulokin
, 1979

, 1974
Nominee 1974 Locus Award for best novel
Cover images Copyright for UK edtions by Tim White
The Icerigger Trilogy omnibus e-book
Humanx Commonwealth

"The Muffin Migration" in Star Colonies

, 1980
Cover image by Esteban Maroto

Sentenced to Prism
, 1985

The Howling Stones

"Mid-Death" in Forbidden Planets
Cover image by Barclay Shaw
Cover image by Bob Eggleton
Cover image by Stephen Hickman


Drowning World

"Chilling" in Jim Baen's Universe
Cover image by Todd Lockwood
Cover image by Mark Harrison
Cover image by David Mattingly

"Perception" in Firebirds Rising

"Surfeit" in Speculations

"The Emoman" in Worlds of IF, Sept/Oct 1972

Nominee 1983 Locus Award for best SF Novel


Voyage to the City of the Dead

Nor Crystal Tears

Nominee 1983 Locus Award for best SF Novel
Cover image by Barclay Shaw
The Founding of the Commonwealth

The Founding of the Commonwealth

Diurnity's Dawn


Cover image by Mark Harrison
GURPS Role Playing books

For Love of Mother-Not

Cover images by Michael Whelan

end of Humanx novels!
Journeys of the Catechist

Journeys of the Catechist
, omnibus
Cover image by Jon Sullivan

A Triumph of Souls

Into the Thinking Kingdoms

Carnivores of Light and Darkness
Cover images by Keith Parkinson
The Damned

The Spoils of War

The False Mirror

A Call to Arms
Cover images by Barclay Shaw

"Serenade" in Masters of Fantasy

Chorus Skating

Son of Spellsinger
Cover image by Jeff Easley
Cover images by Tim Hildebrandt

Spellsinger's Scherzo
, 1986
3-in-1 books 4-6

The Time of the Transference
, 1986

The Paths of the Perambulator
, 1985
Cover image by Tom Kidd
Cover image by Tim Hildebrandt
Cover image by Carl Lundgren

The Moment of the Magician
, 1984

Season of the Spellsong
, 1984
First 3-in-1

The Day of the Dissonance
, 1984
Cover image by Carl Lundgren
Cover image by Carl Lundgren

Spellsinger At the Gate

Omnibus of books 1 & 2

The Hour of the Gate
, 1983

, 1983

Voyage of the Basset

Voyage of the Basset
, 1996
with Renwick St. James
Illustrated by James C. Christensen

Dinotopia Lost
, 1996

The Hand of Dinotopia
, 1997
Cover image by James Christensen
Cover images by James Gurney
Mad Amos Malone

Mad Amos

(collects all 9 previous stories and introduces one new story)
"Neither a Borrower Be..."

in Mad Amos
"The Purl of the Pacific"

in Realms of Fantsy vol 1 no5
"What You See..."

in Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences

reprinted in Grails: Quests of the Dawn
"Having Words"

in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 1992
Cover image by Thomas Canty
"Agrarian Deform"

in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 1991
"The Chrome Comanche"

in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1990

reprinted in More Dixie Ghosts

in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 1989

reprinted in The American Fantasy Tradition
"Witchen Woes"

in Fantasy Book, Feb 1983

in Fantasy Book, Jun 1984
"Wu-Ling's Folly"

in Fantasy Book, Aug 1982
reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy
Cover image by Corey Wolfe
image by Corey Wolfe cover to December 1983 issue
Cover image by Janny Wurts
The Tipping Point

The Sum of Her Parts

Body, Inc.

The Human Blend


The Taken Trilogy
Cover image by Julie Bell

The Candle of Distant Earth

The Light-years Beneath My Feet
, 2005

Lost and Found
Stephen Spielberg Presents Taken
Stand alone Novels

, 2006

The Mocking Program
, 2002

Primal Shadows
, 2001

, 2001

Kingdoms of Light
, 2001

Jed the Dead
, 1997
Cover image by Don Maitz
Cover image by Gary Ruddell

The Dig
, 1995

Life Form
, 1995

, 1995
LucasArts game
Cover image by Bruce Jensen

Design for Great-Day
, 1995
with Eric Frank Russell
Nominee 1996 Prometheus Award

, 1994

, 1992
Cover image by Gary Ruddell
Cover images by David B. Mattingly

Cyber Way
, 1990
Winner 1990 Southwest Book Award for Fiction

, 1991

, 1989
Cover image by Keith Parkinson

To the Vanishing Point
, 1988

, 1988

Glory Lane
, 1987
Cover image by Gary Ruddell

Into the Out Of
, 1986

Shadowkeep, 1984

, 1984
Cover image by Lee Macleod

The I Inside
, 1984

The Man Who Used the Universe
, 1983

The Horror on the Beach
, 1983
Cover image by Chris Moore
Cover image by Barclay Shaw

Exceptions to Reality

reprints "The Muffin Migration",
and "Serenade",
new Pip & Flinx story "Growth"

Impossible Places

reprints "Sideshow"

The Metrognome: And Other Stories
Image from Orphan Star reprint by Scott M. Fischer
Image from another Orphan Star reprint
Cover image by Barclay Shaw

Montezuma Strip
, 1995

linked SF stories with a Latin-American third-world flavor

With Friends Like These...
, 1977

reprints "Emoman"

...Who Needs Enemies?
, 1984
reprints "Snake Eyes",
and "Surfeit",
and "Wu-Ling's Folly"
Image used was UK cover to 1st pb edition of William Gibson's Neuromancer by Tim White
Cover image by Michael Whelan
Cover image by Barclay Shaw

Edited, Antholigies

Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves

with Martin H Greenberg

Betcha Can't Read Just One

with Martin H Greenberg

Short Stories from Small Islands

Untold Adventures

image used here is another digital masterpiece from Android Jones


Revenge of the Fallen

The Veiled Threat

Ghosts of Yesterday

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Transformers Trilogy

, 1979

, 1986

Alien 3
, 1992

The Complete Alien Omnibus
, 1993
Alien ♦ Predator: Total Destruction Collection
  • Alien
  • Aliens
  • Alien3
  • Alien: Resurrection
  • Predator
  • Predator 2
  • Alien vs Predator
  • Alien vs Predator: Requiem

Alien: Resurrection
Alien vs Predator
Alien vs Predator: Requiem
Star Wars Tie-Ins

A New Hope
, 1976
With George Lucas, As George Lucas

Splinter of the Mind's Eye
, 1978
1979 Galaxy Award Winner

The Approaching Storm
, 2002
The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
Revenge of the Sith

A New Hope
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi

The Prequel Trilogy
The Original Trilogy
The Complete Saga

The Chronicles of Riddick
, 2004

Escape From Butcher Bay

Assault On Dark Athena

Pitch Black

The Chronicles of Riddick

Riddick Collection
(Pitch Black & The Chronicles of Riddick)

Dark Fury

Riddick Trilogy
(Pitch Black & The Chronicles of Riddick & Dark Fury)

Alien Nation
, 1988

Alien Nation: The Movie

Alien Nation: The Complete Series

Alien Nation: The Ultimate Movie Collection

  • Dark Horizon
  • Body & Soul
  • Millennium
  • The Enemy Within
  • The Udara Legacy

, 1984

John Carpenter's Starman

Starman: The Complete Series

Clash of the Titans
, 1981

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans Remake

Wrath of the Titans

The Last Starfighter
, 1984

The Last Starfighter Storybook
, 1984

The Thing
, 1981
The Last Starfighter
John Carpenter's The Thing

The Thing (Prequel)

Pale Rider
, 1985

Dark Star
, 1974

Outland (1981)
Pale Rider
John Carpenter's Dark Star

The Black Hole
, 1979

, 1983

, 1974
The Black Hole

Star Trek Tie-Ins

Star Trek : Into Darkness
, 2013

J.J. Abrams' Star Trek(2009)
, 2009

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Photostory
, 1980

Star Trek Log 10
, 1977

Star Trek The Original Series
Season I
Star Trek The Original Series
Season II
Star Trek The Original Series
Season III

Star Trek
The Complete Original Series

Star Trek Log 9
, 1977

Star Trek Log 8
, 1976

Star Trek Log 7
, 1976

Star Trek Log 6
, 1976

Star Trek Log 5
, 1975

Star Trek Log 4
, 1975

Star Trek Log 3
, 1975

Star Trek Log 2
, 1974

Star Trek Log 1
, 1974


Predators I Have Known

The Phisher
with Alex Sam
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