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Malory Series

Love Only Once, Dec 1985
1817, Regina Ashton & Nicholas Eden
Tender Rebel, Jun 1988
1818, Roslynn Chadwich & Anthony Malory
Gentle Rogue, Dec 1990
1818, Georgianna Anderson & James Malory
The Magic of You, Jun 1993
1819, Amy Malory & Warren Anderson
Say You Love Me, Dec 1997
1820?, Derek Malory & Kelsey Longton
Romantic Times Review
The Present, Nov 1998
Christopher Malory & Anastasia
Romantic Times Review
A Loving Scoundrel, Apr 2004
Danielle & Jeremy Malory
Captive of My Desires, Jun 2006
Gabrielle Brooks & Drew Anderson

Northern Fires

Hearts Aflame
Fires of Winter, Sept 1980
855 ad, Brenna & Gerrick Haardrad
Hearts Aflame, Jun 1987
873, Kristen Haardrad & Royce of Windhurst
Surrender My Love, May 1994
879, Erika Gronwood & Selig Haardrad
See Image by Elaine Duillo


Brave the Wild Wind, Dec 1984
1863-1873, K. Jesse Blair & Chase Summers
Savage Thunder, Dec 1989
1881, Jocelyn Fleming & Colt Thunder
Angel, Dec 1992
1882, Cassie Stuart & Angel O'Roarke

Future Fantasies

Warrior's Woman, Jun 1990
spacefuture, Tedra DeArr & Challen LySanTer
Keeper of the Heart, Nov 1993
space future, Shanelle LySanTer & Falon Van'yer
Heart of A Warrior, Apr 2001
space future
Dalden Ly-San-Ter & Brittany Callaghan
Romantic Times Review

Sherring Cross / Wrothston

Man of My Dreams, Jun 1992
Ambrose St. James & Megan Penworthy
See Image by Elaine Duillo
Love Me Forever, Dec 1996
Lachlan Macgregor & Kimberly Richards
See Image by Elaine Duillo
The Pursuit, Apr 2002
Melissa MacGregor and Lincoln Burnett
Romantic Times Review

Highway Robbery

Glorious Angel, Feb 1982
186-, Angela Sherrington & Bradford Maitland
Heart of Thunder, Feb 1983
1870, Samantha Kingsley & Enrique Antonio de Vega y Chavez, AKA Hank Chavez

A Rancher's Life

A Heart So Wild, Dec 1986
Courtney Harte & Chandos Straton
All I Need Is You , Feb 1998
1892, Casey Straton & Damian Rutledge III
Romantic Times Review


Once A Princess, Jun 1991
1835, Tatiana Janacek & Stefan Barany
You Belong to Me, Nov 1994
1836, Alexandra Rubliov & Vasili Petroff


Defy Not the Heart, Jun 1989
Reina & Ranulf
Joining, May 1999
Wulfrif de Thorpe & Milisant Crispin
Romantic Times Review

Other Novels

The Devil Who Tamed Her, June 19, 2007
A Man to Call My Own, Apr 2003
Marian Laton & Chad Kinkaid
Romantic Times Review
Marriage Most Scandalous, Jun 2005
Margaret Landor & Sebastian Townshend
Home for the Holidays, Nov 2000
Vincent Everett & Larissa Ascott
Romantic Times Review
The Heir, May 2000
Duncan MacTavish & Sabrina Lambert
Romantic Times Review
Prisoner of My Desire, Dec 1991
12th Century
Warrick de Chaville & Rowena Bellame
Until Forever, Jun 1995
Rosaleen White & Thorn
Romantic Times Review
Silver Angel, Dec 1988
18th Century
Chantelle & Derek
Captive Bride, Aug 1977
Christina Wakefield & Phillip Caxton
A Pirate's Love, Oct 1978
Bettina Verlaine & Captain Tristan
Paradise Wild, June 1981
Corrine Barrows & Jared Burkett
So Speaks the Heart, May 1983
Bridgette deLouroux & Rowland deMontville
A Gentle Feuding, May 1984
Sheena Ferguson & Jamie MacKinnion
Tender is the Storm, June 1985
Sharisse Hammond & Lucas Holt
When Love Awaits, June 1986
Lady Leonie & Rolf d'Ambert
Secret Fire, December 1987
Prince Dmitri & Lady Katherine St. John
Elaine Duillo=artist other covers=Russian
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