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Ridles & Dreams, 2003
Ships & Seekers, 2005
Fantasy/Dark Fantasy Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
Riddle the Poet barely escapes with his life from murder of his cousin, the King of Damaria, who was killed by his own son, manipulated by an ancient being whose evil once tainted the land. Riddle smuggles out the rightful king, his four-year-old nephew Lute. Riddle's goal is to deliver his nephew to the City in the Mist, a harbor town where a powerful branch of their family can protect the boy until he reaches maturity. The poet Riddle and his four-year old nephew, Lute, rightful heir of Damaria, along with their companions escape Lute's uncle who has seized the throne and seeks their lives. Safe in the City in the Mist, Riddle, Lute, Moonlight, Kilelli, and Gorghoz are soon rested from their harrowing journey. But, Moonlight's magical powers as a Dreamer have been weakened by the encounter with the malignant entity known as Dinorm, and she cannot go west with her companions.


How the Gods Wove in Kyrannon, 1979
The Seekers of Shar-Nuhn, 1980
Fantasy Fantasy
The people of Kyrannon have suffered under the tyrant's yoke for far too long. It started innocently enough, the undoing of Him Who Sits at Lirith. A healer and her apprentice come to the aid of a traveler. A family is forced to flee their home. A child is born in a hermit's cave. But this seemingly random series of events begins a course that leads inevitably to a final confrontation. And the end, when it comes, will be what none of them ever expected. Kla-Noh and Si-Lun, seekers after secrets, search for the Three Secrets concealed in the Tower of Truth. When they turn their backs on the final secret, dreading the burden that accompanies learning it, they are then accepted as agents by the Wise Ones who rule Shar-Nuhn. This leads them to diverse, strange, and sometimes frightening adventures and at last to more settled and pleasant lives for both.


Soul-Singer of Tyrnos, 1981, Fantasy
Runes of the Lyre, 1982, Fantasy
  • Texas Bluebonnet Award List, 1983-84
  • ALA Notable Books for Children in the field of social studies
  • Omar Award List, 1984-85
    South Carolina Librarians' List of twenty best books, 1985-86
    Fifty Best Books for Young Adults, 1982
  • Yeleeve, a young woman who can sing the image of a soul onto the wall behind her, to commend or condemn the owner, discovers that a powerful evil is overcoming her country and only she can help. A magic lyre is the key to salvation for the people of Hasyih when they are threatened by a group of rebels awakening in a neighboring world.


    People of the Mesa, 1992
    Island in the Lake, 1993
    Towers of the Earth, 1994
    PreHistory PreHistory PreHistory
    Responsible for protecting his people, Uhtatse urges them to build houses in the sheltering cliffsides, but the Elders refuse. Uhtatse and his wife build such a house and when a new enemy becomes a threat, the Elders admit their people would be safer there. From their vantage point, they repel a Tsununni attack, inflicting such heavy losses on their enemy that they never again return. At the end of his long life, Uhtatse steps off the point from which his grieving wife cast herself, years before, after they lost In the harsh lands of what is now East Texas, a tribe once lived... They were united in their struggle to survive, bound to each other by tradition. But an outsider walked among them, a man influenced by a hostile and violent culture... and haunted by visions of brutality. One woman recognized the threat that endangered her people's future... But now, she must make the others see -- before it is too late... For generation, the Geh-i-nah tribe flourished in the pine woods of what is now East Texas. But nature and fate destroyed their world; drought and disease forced them to leave their beloved home forever. Heading west, into the land of the towers, they struggled to survive. Desperate outsiders entered the fold, joining their grueling search for harmony and home in a merciless land. And one woman, a healer and a prophet, would guide them all--to an unknown destiny beyond their dreams.


    The Absolutely Perfect Horse, 1989
    With Marylois Dunn
    East Texas juvenile
  • ALA Notable Books in the field of Social Studies list 1983
  • Bluebonnet Award List 1983-84
  • Omar Award List 1985-86
  • The Parents' Choice Foundation Remarkable Literature list 1986
  • The William Allen White Award List
  • The Golden Sower Award List
  • The Sunshine State Award List
  • The Sequoyah Award List 1987-88
  • The formerly noble, now downtrodden horse known as Dogmeat helps Annie and her family reassess their values.
    The Adapter
    Native Magical
    Sam Rainbird has always enjoyed using his own brand of magic. But today, he discovers the chance for the ultimate adventure.

    The Anthologist
    A serial killer gets more than he bargained for when he stalks the wrong victim.
    The Black Tower, 2004
    Dark Fantasy
    Two-Moons is an Onondaga warrior woman with the ability to Dream truly. When a power-hungry Medieval wizard from another dimension kidnaps Two Moons, drawing her from her own time and place into Medieval England. With her extraordinary gifts, he hopes to use her to entrap her people to serve as his slaves.

    Carrots & Miggle, 1986
    East Texas juvenile
  • Mark Twain Award List 1988-89
  • excerpted for Macmillan Supplementary Reader for 7th & 8th grades
  • William Allen White Children's Book Award Program Master List 1988-89
    Charlotte "Carrots" Ramsden knew that when Emiglia came, life was going to be different. Emiglia, a distant relative, had been born in Hungary, reared in London by scholarly parents, and now she was an orphan with no relatives who could take her except the Ramsdens. When she arrived Emiglia ("Miggle") was upset to discover that people work so hard, even a five year old would be expected to do her share of work. The transition is not an easy for any of them, but it just might be worth it.
  • The Children Beneath the Stones
    Sacrifices are necessary to win favor from the gods. Of course, the sacrifices see things differently.

    The Clarrington Heritage, 2005
    Marise Clarrington, matriarch, knew all the horror that had been inflicted on her family over the generations. Now she is forced to summon Evan Clarrington, now a successful young attorney living apart, back to his childhood home. Evan obeys her summons, unwittingly placing himself in deadly danger for, not far from the mansion, a mysterious figure watches every move made at the Clarrington mansion, waiting for just the right moment to act.
    Closely Knit in Scarlatt, 2005
    When the Mafia decides to kidnap Benjamin Scarlatt, a retired British spy, they hire the services of the world's most reclusive assassin to slip him the needle and drug him into unconsciousness. Known only by the code name "the "Knitting Lady," this accomplished killer, whose identity has never been discovered, has pulled off some of the most audacious assassinations of modern time.

    The Conjure, 2004
    Horror/Dark Fantasy
    When a drug cartel starts using the swamp country of East Texas as a key transfer point for their illicit cargo, its only a matter of time before one of the locals stumbles on the scene and has to be silenced. What they don't count on is what happens when Lena McCarver, the local witch-woman learns about the murder. Slowly she begins to conjure a spell that will bring the kingpin of the cartel back to the swamp--where his worst nightmares are about to be brought to very vivid life! As for the rest of his gang, she intends they also get exactly what they deserve.
    The Creek, It Done Riz
    When the creek rose, its secrets were revealed.

    The Crystal Skull, 2004
    Horror/Fantasy Collection
  • Down in the Bottomlands
  • Lonesome Canefield Blues
  • Coon Hunt, With Distractions
  • The Crystal Skull
  • The Eight Who Hated
  • Footprints
  • Grimm's Way
  • The Orphan
  • Yhitagh
  • Bare Bones, Bare Bones
  • Yout Can't Go Home Again
  • Concerto
  • The Children Beneath the Stones
  • The Dig
  • The Little Finger on the Left Hand
  • The Gift
  • In the Green Sand
  • The Well That Whispered Darkness
  • Like Mother Used to Make
  • Digging Up Arthur
  • Ash-Nialle
  • Needles and Pins
  • The Immortal Part
  • The Anthologist
  • Trapline
  • A Shimmer of Blackness
  • The Nicholas Caper
  • In The Mists of Gellorn
  • The Tuck at the Foot of the Bed
  • Down in the Dark
  • The Face in the Glass
  • Hallimore's Dog
  • A Night in Possum Holler
  • Things Come Out at Night
  • Echo of Thunder
  • A Damn Bad Day for Daddy, 1989
    The story of the worst day of all--and its only logical conclusion.

    The Door in the Hill, 1984
    juvenile fantasy
    When Lindy and Bud, a sister and brother from the U.S.A., are forced to spend the summer on their uncle's English farm, they look forward to a boring three months. But, when they open a mysterious door in the side of a hill, they stumble into the world of Turnipins, tiny people with small, gnarly faces, voices like the hum of many bees, tiny bright eyes, long faces, crooked chins, and long, drooping noses.
    End of War
    The women of the Town have had enough of the fighting and dying--and the foolish talk of glory. They're about to take matters into their own hands . . .

    Exile on Vlahil, 1984
    Ila has been exiled by an oppressive Earth government to the uninhabited planet Vlahil. But it turns out to be inhabited after all, not by one but by two sentient races, and the peace is being threatened by a lost Earth scout crew.
    Forbidden Geometries, 2005
    Science Fiction/Fantasy
    The desert world Sherazade was settled long ago by desert peoples from Earth--Kushites, Apaches, Arabs--and then forgotten. Centuries later it is a world of city-states. One, Sathorn, has long been ruled by a weak family and a corrupt Council. The new ruler, Karenya, who possesses the ability to use the forbidden geometries that can predict the future, is determined to change things and reform the Council.

    Golden Dream: A Fussy Odyssey, 1982
  • "The Valley of the Gashta"
  • "The Dry Times Come"
  • "The Hagga"
  • Golden Girl, 1989
    Science Fiction
    She is a trained assassin in a custom-made body--beautiful, efficient, deadly. And hopelessly flawed.

    Gwynfaer, Who Sang the Stars
    Fantasy, Poetry
    A poem about Creation. "Gwynfaer" resulted from reading the Rhys volumes of Celtic myth.
    High Mountain Winter, 2004

    Originally Published as by Frances Hurst
    Historical Fiction
    Based on a True Story. Left alone in a covered wagon in the most desolate, snow-bound mountains in the US, a young woman survives all that nature can throw at her. Maryla Stoner survived a high mountain winter, all alone in a covered wagon, after her father and brothers went away to hunt and failed to return.

    Homeward Trail
    Walked-With-A-Bear knew he was seeing his last days. But he has one last journey to complete, and perhaps, one special totem to share it with.
    Hunters of the Plains, 1995
    Prehistorical Fiction
    The prehistoric tribes of the Badger Clan and the Terrapin Clan find their peaceful lives threatened by an invading horde of mammoths, as a man and woman begin a sacred hunt to end the threat.

    Hunting Truce, 1974
    Science Fiction
    Miss Pirtle-Smith is there to ensure that no harm comes to any animal, and woe to any Survey team member--or alien native--who stands in her way!
    In the Mists of Gellorn, 1990
    Science Fiction
    The humans and the Fthier had been feuding for generations. The return of the evil Cyrfolk gives them the opportunity to unite, but will they come together in time to stop the invasion?

    Journey To an Ending, 1965
    Poetry Collection
    "This book was the result of winning the publication prize offered by South and West (publisher out of Fort Smith, Arkansas) at the writer's conference held at SFA Universtiy in 1964 and was my first book (though a small and unassuming one) ever published."
  • Receiver
  • Buzzard
  • Cat
  • Laser
  • Hephaestus
  • Description
  • Jungle
  • Corpus
  • Heritage
  • Temple of Death
  • And We Are Still Evolvint
  • Unified Field
  • Forget These Earthen Walls
  • With the Bright Bubbles
  • Upon the Vertices
  • Journey Within
  • Plea
  • Let Us Break Molds
  • Under out Shattered Emblems
  • Sphinx
  • Advice to the Defeated
  • Last Days
  • Genesis
  • In a Stilled Instant
  • Still From Sinai
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Point of Departure
  • Ending
  • Khi to Freedom, 1983
    Science Fiction
    When Hale Enbo signed on as a scout for the alien Gimli, he was unaware of their true intentions--and of the amazing powers hidden within him.
    Like Mother Used to Make
    Emmy Whittle’s boarding house is famous for its cooking, but don’t look too closely at Emmy’s recipes.

    Lords of the Triple Moons, 1983
    Johab, believing himself to be the last of his people, escapes from the usurper who killed his family and takes upon himself the task of freeing the plainsfolk from tyranny.
    Makra Choria, 1987
    The rulers of Sherath have special powers, known as the Gift of the Makraitis. The fear has always been that if improperly trained in its control, a family member could use the power for personal gain, which would destroy the country. Theora, heir to the throne, is living up to that fear.

    The Ardath Mayhar Sampler
  • The Adapter
  • A Damn Bad Day for Daddy
  • Gwynfaer, Who Sang the Stars
  • Hunting Truce
  • In the Mists of Gellorn
  • Tendresse
  • The Ardath Mayhar Collection
  • The Adapter
  • The Anthologist
  • The Children Beneath the Stones
  • The Creek, It Done Riz
  • A Damn Bad Day for Daddy
  • End of War
  • Golden Girl
  • Gwynfaer, Who Sang the Stars
  • How the Gods Wove in Kyrannon
  • Hunting Truce
  • In the Mists of Gellorn
  • Khi to Freedom
  • Like Mother Used to Make
  • A Meeting of Minds
  • The Next Generation
  • A Sculpted Smile
  • Speaking Wolf
  • Stiff Sentence
  • Tendresse
  • Trapline
  • You Can't Go Home Again

  • Mean Little Old Lady at Work
  • Introduction
  • A Harping Of Waters
  • Ash-Nialle
  • Troglodytes
  • Echo Of Thunder
  • Through The Padded Door
  • A Gift Of Light
  • Night Song
  • The Left Eye Of God
  • The Anthologist
  • A Sculpted Smile
  • The Guardians Of The Shrine
  • The Children Beneath The Stones
  • NOT cover image
    image copyright Susan Seddon Boulet
    Medicine Walk, 1981
  • Parents' Choice Foundation Remarkable Literature book
  • The William Allen White Award List, 1987-88
  • Sequoyah Award List, 1987-88
  • Golden Sower Award List, 1987-88
  • Sunshine State Award List, 1987-88
  • Houghton Mifflin BEYOND THE REEF theme reading series
  • After their plane crashes in the Arizona desert and his father dies, 12-year-old Burr Henderson treks through the desert with little food or water to find help.

    A Meeting of Minds

    Humorous Science Fantasy

    The Rosten I treaty was an important one, and Hillaire would do just about anything to bring it about.
    Messengers In White
    Science Fiction
    Colonies, planted in far away places, are developing medieval-level social structures and technologies when past secrets are uncovered and threaten the inhabitants survival. Lehnik brings a war orphan to the Sisters of Silence for care and rearing. He brought into their fold and ranks. His training begins in silence, with even more revelations about himself, mankind, and the making of war, peace, and civilization among the stars.

    This image is BY Ardath Mayhar!

    Monkey Station, 1989
    with Ron Fortier

    future fantasy

    As a deadly plague sweeps across the earth, humans and apes struggle to survive, isolated in the rain forests of South America.
    The Next Generation

    Science Fantasy

    Each new generation of humankind is unique--but this one will take humanity in a different direction entirely. And one of its creators is having second thoughts.

    A Place of Silver Silence, 1988

    s-f first contact ya/adult

    Genetically superior fetuses are chosen for nurturing in an artificial environment and Linked at the age of ten by brain implants allowing them to communicate mentally.
    See a review!
    Reflections, 1995

    Poetry Collection

    80 poems, published and unpublished

    NOT cover image
    image copyright Jean-Paul Avisse

    A Road of Stars, 1998



    Cornelia Watson, foremost ballerina of her generation, has dedicated her life to her art. Traveling the world, she has collected paintings of all the intriguing roads, paths, streets, and trails that she has never had time to explore. Diagnosed with a fatal illness, Cornelia has retired to her family home, to wait out her last days.
    A Sculpted Smile, 1983

    Dark Fantasy

    Theristis, artist and wizard, knows everything there is to know about his chosen professions. Or so he thinks.

    The Saga of Grittel Sundotha, 1985


    After rejecting her only likely proposal of marriage, sevenfoot Grittel wanders the kingdom using her strength and skill to right wrongs until she goes on a quest and finds her true destiny.

    NOT cover image
    Image copyright Arthur Rackham
    Shock Treatment, 2005

    science fiction

    Theron Standish, Commander of the agricultural planet Station, has gone mad and attacked the granges that are the only reason why Station exists. With the army on his side, Standish is opposed only by his own, formidable grandmother, Seleva Karmann, and a handful of others.

    Slewfoot Sally and the Flying Mule, 1984
    Slewfoot Sally and the Flying Mule
    The Last Camp Meeting in Cotton County
    The Elephant Headed for the Swamp
    The Backfire More Ways to Skin a Cat
    The Alligator’s Tale First You Have a Plan
    To Capture Leviathan Milton Peake and Nephew
    The Dullshooter Foray into Sundown
    Moccasin Hole The Inflated Flea
    Midsummer Doldrums A Nasty Sort of Thing
    The Possum-Cats Kingdom Come Cemetery
    Cow in the Canefield Battle Plan Number One
    The Youngers Yale’s Wedding
    Ghost Larry Molly Milked the Goat
    A Black Dog in the Snow February Thaw
    A Great Big Bowl of Rice The Rabbit
    The Hen-House Disaster A Shot in the Dark
    Spring Is a Kind of Madness Summer and Solomon
    The Snowlost, 1998

    Science Fiction

    When interstellar civil war erupts, human colonists are marooned on the nearest world that's habitable—and just barely that. Ill- prepared for the two-plus-year winters, they must adapt what they have to be what they need, including their attitudes when they find the planet inhabited by intelligent life living in lava-warmed caves.

    Speaking Wolf


    Speaking Wolf's totem was much more than a spirit guide.
    Stiff Sentence

    Humorous Horror

    If you’re going to rob a bank, you need a quick getaway. And if that falls through . . . you have to improvise.

    BattleTech: The Sword and the Dagger, 1987

    Series SciFi

    Hanse Davion is Prince of the Federated Suns, the largest of the five warring idealistic man who has had to learn that politics is neither honorable nor staightforward. Arden Sortek is the commander of Hanse Davion's personal guard. Although a long-time friend of Hanse's, he has not yet learned the lessons of power.

    Science Fantasy

    News reporting is a rough business, and there are no storybook endings. Well, hardly any.

    Things Come Out at Night

    Collection Dark Fantasy & Horror

  • The Tuck At The Foot of the Bed
  • The Well that Whispered Darkness
  • Digging Up Arthur
  • Ash-Nialle
  • The Dig
  • Needles and Pins
  • The Gift
  • The Immortal Part
  • The Anthologist
  • Trapline
  • Down in the Dark
  • The Nicholas Caper
  • In The Mists of Gellorn
  • The Face in the Glass
  • A Night in Possum Holler
  • Things Come Out at Night
  • Cage of the Heart
  • Echo of Thunder
  • Through a Stone Wall, A book on writing


    Here is an invaluable how-to book for writers. In this unique work, Ardath Mayhar shares the personal insights she has gained during her thirty-some-year literary career.

    Trail of the Seahawks, 1987

    Series Future Fantasy

    After the Great Plague, a bold new world of fantastic creatures, mutated landscapes, heroes and villains

    Cover Image by Larry Elmore


    It's been a long winter, and Herzog's been trapping more than fox and lynx up in that cabin of his.

    The Tulpa, 2005

    Horror/Dark Fantasy

    When six-year-old Araminta Palomer invents an imaginary playmate, she has no idea she is unleashing dangerous being who will one day ravage her family.
    Twilight Dancer, 2004
    Eleven unforgettable stories of magic and the supernatural. Plus, all her tales of Hermione, the Cat Fantastic, including a brand new one, never published before.
  • First-In
  • Knyghte Kellin
  • Only to a Death
  • The Pass to Death
  • Early Encounter
  • A Game for the Ginli
  • Something to Bear in Mind
  • The One Who Followed the Dream
  • The Twilight Dancer
  • The Gift
  • A Snap of the Fingers
  • Hermione stories

  • Hermione's Journal: A Cat Fantastic
  • A Cat's Private Diary
  • Hermione at Moon House
  • Hermione the Spy
  • The Very Early Hermione
  • Hermione to the Rescue
  • The Scientific Method

  • Vendetta

    Historical Fiction

    The Wall, 1987

    Humorous Horror

    The children of Bon Riviere are disappearing. Alice Critten comes to the Louisiana town to claim the legacy of her great-aunt Eleanor: a house cut off from its neighbors by a tall brick wall, with a jail cell lock on its single gate. Soon she is caught up in a web of murder, abduction, and the supernatural. The doom that made a recluse of Eleanor now threatens Alice's existence, unless she can untangle the mystery.

    Warlock's Gift, 1982


    Warlock's Gift is an exciting fantasy adventure in which the hero, Karas Lantir, once the prince of his father's mighty and happy kingdom, dreams of deposing the frightfully evil warlock who stole control of Lantirion from its rightful owners through cheating and evil sorcery. His dreams harden into resolve when the warlock, seeking to protect himself from future trouble, attempts to have Karas found and assassinated, and when the incredible tales of the warlock's oppression become known. With the aid of only a few loyal men---and the power of his fiancee, Varil, a sorceress---Karal embarks on a perilous journey into the warlock's seemingly impregnable fortress where he must face the evil sorcerer's powers---alone. It is a rousing tale of magic and adventure.
    The World Ends in Hickory Hollow, 1985

    Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

  • The Nebula Award Preliminary Ballot
  • Finalist: Spur Award: short story, Western Writers of America, 1987
  • When civilization comes to an end, life struggles on in remote Hickory Hollow, Texas. The electricity may have failed, but Zack, Jim, Sukie, Mom Allie, Carl, Carol, Sim, Elmond, Grace and the others simply go on by torch and candle light. If radio and television are gone, they entertain themselves with yarns, music, dances. But there are two serpents in this new Eden: their own human nature and the murderous Unger clan that lives just beyond the hollow.

    World of the Greist , 2004

    juvenile sf

    In an overcrowded future the Thomases have no more or less than any other poor family who live in the Block, but what they do with what they have is very different. Then the government orders the people of the block to move to another world where life is hard, and the work to survive and build a farm is hard and back-breaking. Then Van makes a discovery that will change everyone's lives. For human beings are not alone on the planet
    You Can't Go Home Again

    Dark Fantasy

    Even from the grave, Mama's a control freak. This time, though, Berna just might be able to escape for good.

    BOOKS BY ARDATH MAYHAR as John Killdeer

    Mountain Majesty series

    Wild Country
    , 1992

    The Untamed
    , 1992

    Blood Kin
    , 1993

    Wilderness Rendezvous
    , 1993

    Passage West, 1994

    The Far Horizon
    , 1994
    The Last two book in this series were written by another author.

    BOOKS BY ARDATH MAYHAR as Frank Cannon

    Bloody Texas Trail
    , 1988

    Texas Gunsmoke
    , 1988

    Feud At Sweetwater Creek
    , 1987

    BOOKS BY ARDATH MAYHAR as Frances Hurst

    High Mountain Winter
    , 1996

    Poetry & Short Stories

    The Artwork of Ardath Mayhar

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