Central Control
Pax / Astra
Star Rangers (1953) Star Guard (1955) The Stars Are Ours (1954) Star Born (1957)

Solar Queen
Sargasso of Space (1955) (writing as Andrew North) Plague Ship (1956) (writing as Andrew North) Voodoo Planet (1959) (writing as Andrew North) Postmarked the Stars (1969)
Redline the Stars (1993) (with Pauline M Griffin) Derelict for Trade (1997) (with Sherwood Smith) Mind for Trade (1997) (with Sherwood Smith) The Solar Queen (omnibus) (2003)

The Crossroads of Time (1956) Quest Crosstime (1965)
aka Crosstime Agent
Catseye (1961) Night of Masks (1964)

Time Traders
The Time Traders (1958) Galactic Derelict (1959) The Defiant Agents (1962) Key Out of Time (1963)
Firehand (1994) (with Pauline M Griffin) Echoes in Time (1999) (with Sherwood Smith) Time Traders II: The Defiant Agents/Key Out of Time (omnibus) (2001) Atlantis Endgame (2002) (with Sherwood Smith)

Hosteen Storm
The Beast Master (1959) Lord of Thunder (1962) Beast Master's Ark (2002) (with Lyn McConchie) Beast Master's Circus (2004) (with Lyn McConchie)
Beast Master Team (omnibus) (2004) Beast Master's Planet (omnibus) (2005)

Forerunner 1. Storm over Warlock (1960) 2. Ordeal in Otherwhere (1964) 3. Forerunner (1971) 4. Forerunner Foray (1973) 5. The Second Venture (1985) Storm over WarlockOrdeal in OtherwhereForerunnerForerunner Foray The Second Venture Rebel [] Ride Proud, Rebel! (1961) Rebel Spurs (1962) Janus 1. Judgment on Janus (1963) 2. Victory On Janus (1966) Judgment on Janus Witch World : Estcarp Cycle 1. Witch World (1963) 2. Web of the Witch World (1964) 3. Three Against the Witch World (1965) 4. Warlock of the Witch World (1967) 5. Sorceress of the Witch World (1968) 6. Trey of Swords (1977) 7. Ware Hawk (1983) 7. The Gate of the Cat (1987) Annals of the Witch World (omnibus) (1994) Chronicles of the Witch World (omnibus) (1995) 9. Ciara's Song (1998) (with Lyn McConchie) The Gates to Witch World (omnibus) (2001) Lost Lands of Witch World (omnibus) (2004) Witch WorldWeb of the Witch WorldThree Against the Witch WorldSorceress of the Witch World Ware HawkThe Gate of the CatAnnals of the Witch WorldChronicles of the Witch World Ciara's SongThe Gates to Witch WorldLost Lands of Witch World Magic Sequence Steel Magic (1965) aka Gray magic Dragon Magic (1967) Octagon Magic (1967) Fur Magic (1968) Lavender-Green Magic (1974) Red Hart Magic (1976) Steel MagicDragon MagicFur Magic Witch World : High Halleck Cycle 1. Year of the Unicorn (1965) 1. The Crystal Gryphon (1972) 2. Spell of the Witch World (1972) 3. The Jargoon Pard (1974) 4. Zarsthor's Bane (1978) Gryphon in Glory (1981) 5. Horn Crown (1981) Gryphon's Eyrie (1984) (with A C Crispin) Were-Wrath (1989) Songsmith (1992) (with A C Crispin) Year of the UnicornThe Crystal GryphonSpell of the Witch WorldThe Jargoon Pard Gryphon in GloryHorn CrownGryphon's EyrieSongsmith Moon Magic 1. Moon of Three Rings (1966) 2. Exiles of the Stars (1971) 3. Flight in Yiktor (1986) 4. Dare to Go A-hunting (1989) 5. Brother to Shadows (1993) Moon of Three RingsExiles of the StarsDare to Go A-huntingBrother to Shadows Murdoc Jern 1. The Zero Stone (1968) 2. Uncharted Stars (1969) Uncharted Stars Star Ka'at (with Dorothy Madlee) 1. Star Ka'at (1976) 2. Star Ka'at World (1976) 3. Star Ka'Ats and the Plant People (1979) 4. Star Ka'Ats and the Winged Warriors (1981) Star Ka'atStar Ka'Ats and the Plant People Witch World 3. Lore of the Witch World (1980) Ride the Green Dragon (1985) (with Phyllis Miller) Tales of the Witch World (1987) Tales of the Witch World 2 (1988) Four from the Witch World (1989) Tales of the Witch World 3 (1990) Lore of the Witch WorldRide the Green DragonTales of the Witch WorldTales of the Witch World 2 Four from the Witch WorldTales of the Witch World 3 Witch World : The Turning Port of Dead Ships (1991) (with Pauline M Griffin) Seakeep (1991) (with Pauline M Griffin) 1. Storms of Victory (1991) (with Pauline M Griffin) Exile (1992) (with Mary H Schaub) Falcon Hope (1992) (with Pauline M Griffin) 2. Flight of Vengeance (1992) (with Pauline M Griffin and Mary H Schaub) 3. On Wings of Magic (1993) (with Patricia Matthews, Sasha Miller) Falcon Magic (1994) (with Sasha Miller) We, the Women (1994) (with Patricia Shaw Mathews) Flight of VengeanceOn Wings of Magic Halfblood Chronicles (with Mercedes Lackey) 1. Elvenbane (1991) 2. Elvenblood (1995) 3. Elvenborn (2002) ElvenbaneElvenbloodElvenborn Witch World : Secrets of the Witch World The Key of the Keplian (1995) (with Lyn McConchie) The Magestone (1996) (with Mary H Schaub) The Warding of Witch World (1996) Secrets of the Witch World (omnibus) (2001) (with Lyn McConchie) The Key of the KeplianThe MagestoneThe Warding of Witch WorldSecrets of the Witch World Crown of Stars (with Kate Elliott) 3. The Burning Stone (1998) The Burning Stone Carolus Rex (with Rosemary Edghill) 1. The Shadow of Albion (1999) 2. Leopard in Exile (2001) The Shadow of AlbionLeopard in Exile Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan (with Sasha Miller) 1. To the King a Daughter (2000) 2. Knight or Knave (2001) 3. A Crown Disowned (2002) 4. Dragon Blade (2005) To the King a DaughterKnight or KnaveA Crown DisownedDragon Blade Witch World Chronicles (with Lyn McConchie) 1. Silver May Tarnish (2005) Silver May Tarnish Novels Top The Prince Commands (1934) Ralestone Luck (1938) Follow the Drum (1942) The Sword is Drawn (1944) Rogue Reynard (1947) Scarface (1948) Sword in Sheath (1949) aka Island of the Lost Huon of the Horn (1951) Daybreak 2250 AD (1952) aka Star Man's Son The Last Planet (1953) At Swords' Points (1954) Yankee Privateer (1955) Sea Siege (1957) Star Gate (1958) Secret of the Lost Race (1959) Shadow Hawk (1960) The Sioux Spaceman (1960) Star Hunter (1961) Eye of the Monster (1962) The X Factor (1965) Operation Time Search (1967) Dark Piper (1968) Stand to Horse (1968) Ice Crown (1970) Dread Companion (1970) Bertie and May (1971) (with Bertha Stemm Norton) Android at Arms (1971) Garan the Eternal (1972) Breed to Come (1972) Here Abide Monsters (1973) Outside (1974) Iron Cage (1974) The Day of the Ness (1975) Merlin's Mirror (1975) No Night Without Stars (1975) Knave of Dreams (1975) The White Jade Fox (1975) Wraiths of Time (1976) Perilous Dreams (1976) Velvet Shadows (1977) Wolfshead (1977) The Opal-eyed Fan (1977) Quag Keep (1978) Yurth Burden (1978) Snow Shadow (1979) Seven Spells to Sunday (1979) (with Phyllis Miller) Iron Butterflies (1980) Voorloper (1980) Ten Mile Treasure (1981) Moon Called (1982) Caroline (1982) (with Enid Cushing) Wheel of Stars (1983) The House of Shadows (1984) (with Phyllis Miller) Stand and Deliver (1984) Serpent's Tooth (1987) Imperial Lady: A Fantasy of Han China (1989) (with Susan M Shwartz) The Jekyll Legacy (1990) (with Robert Bloch) Sneeze on Sunday (1992) (with Gene Allen Hogarth) The Mark of the Cat (1992) Empire of the Eagle (1993) (with Susan M Shwartz) The Hands of Lyr (1994) Mirror of Destiny (1995) Tiger Burning Bright (1995) (with Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mercedes Lackey) The Monster's Legacy (1996) Scent of Magic (1998) Wind in the Stone (1999) Quest Across Time (1999) Star Soldiers (2001) Warlock (2002) Janus (2002) Darkness and Dawn (2003) The Duke's Ballad (2005) (with Lyn McConchie) Three Hands for Scorpio (2005) The Prince CommandsRalestone LuckFollow the DrumScarface Sword in SheathDaybreak 2250 ADThe Last PlanetSea Siege Star GateSecret of the Lost RaceShadow HawkStand to Horse Dread CompanionGaran the EternalHere Abide MonstersOutside Iron CageMerlin's MirrorNo Night Without StarsKnave of Dreams The White Jade FoxWraiths of TimePerilous DreamsVelvet Shadows The Opal-eyed FanQuag KeepSnow ShadowSeven Spells to Sunday Iron ButterfliesVoorloperTen Mile TreasureMoon Called Serpent's ToothThe Jekyll LegacyThe Mark of the CatEmpire of the Eagle The Hands of LyrMirror of DestinyTiger Burning BrightThe Monster's Legacy Scent of MagicWind in the StoneStar SoldiersWarlock JanusDarkness and DawnThe Duke's BalladThree Hands for Scorpio Collections Top High Sorcery (1970) The Many Worlds of Andre Norton (1974) The Book of Andre Norton (1975) Star Hunter / Voodoo Planet (omnibus) (1980) Andre Norton Sword Series Gift Trilogy (omnibus) (1984) The Magic Books: Fur Magic, Steel Magic, Octogon Magic (omnibus) (1988) Moon Mirror (1988) Andre Norton : Fables and Futures (1989) Wizards' Worlds (1989) (with Ingrid Zierhut) Mark of the Cat / The Year of the Rat (omnibus) (2001) Gods and Androids (omnibus) (2004) Dark Companion (omnibus) (2005) Masks of the Outcasts (omnibus) (2005) High SorceryStar Hunter / Voodoo PlanetMoon MirrorMark of the Cat / The Year of the Rat Gods and AndroidsDark CompanionMasks of the Outcasts Series contributed to Top Trillium (with Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May) 1. Black Trillium (1990) 3. Golden Trillium (1993) Black Trillium Anthology series Top Magic in Ithkar (with Robert Adams) 1. Magic in Ithkar (1985) 2. Magic in Ithkar 2 (1985) 3. Magic in Ithkar 3 (1987) 4. Magic in Ithkar 4 (1987) Magic in IthkarMagic in Ithkar 2Magic in Ithkar 3Magic in Ithkar 4 Catfantastic (with Martin H Greenberg) Catfantastic: Nine Lives and Fifteen Tales (1989) Catfantastic II (1990) Catfantastic III (1994) Catfantastic IV (1996) Catfantastic V (1999) Catfantastic: Nine Lives and Fifteen TalesCatfantastic IICatfantastic IIICatfantastic IV Catfantastic V Anthologies edited Top Small Shadows Creep (1963) Grand Master's Choice (1991) Renaissance Faire (2005) (with Jean Rabe) Small Shadows CreepGrand Master's Choice Non fiction Top Gates to Tomorrow: An Introduction to Science Fiction (1973) (with Ernestine Donaldy)

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