Diana Paxson 1943 -

Hallowed Isle

The Book of Sword & Spear Omni 1
The Book of Cauldron & Stone Omni 2


The Book of the Sword
Mistress of the Jewels Comprises Lady of Light and Lady of Darkness. Also known as Lady of Light, Lady of Darkness
The Book of the Spear Silverhair the Wanderer
The Book of the Cauldron The Earthstone
The Book of the Stone The Sea Star

Wodan's Children

also called the Nibelungenlied

The Wind Crystal
The Wolf and the Raven The Jewel of Fire
The Dragons of the Rhine

with Adrienne Martine-Barnes

Fionn Mac Cumhail

The Lord of Horses Master of Earth and Water

Non-series Novels

The Shield Between Worlds
Brisingamen Sword of Fire and Shadow
The Paradise Tree

With Marion Zimmer Bradley


The Serpent's Tooth The Forest House
White Mare, Red Stallion Lady of Avalon
The White Raven Priestess of Avalon

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