Magic Moscow
    The Magic Moscow (1980)
    Attila the Pun (1981)
    Slaves of Spiegel (1982)
Snarkout Boys
    The Avocado of Death (1982)
    The Baconburg Horror (1984)
Daniel M Pinkwater's Melvinge of the Megaverse
    Night of the Living Shark! (1991) by David F Bischoff
    Night of the Living Rat (1992) by Debra Doyle, James D Macdonald and Daniel M. Pinkwater
    Night of the Living Gator! (1992) by Richard A Lupoff

The Terrible Roar (1970)
Bear's Picture (1972)
Wizard Crystal (1973)
Fat Elliot and the Gorilla (1974)
Magic Camera (1974)
Three Big Hogs (1975)
Blue Moose (1975)
Wingman (1975)
Around Fred's Bed (1976)
Lizard Music (1976)
The Big Orange Splot (1977)
The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (1977)
The Blue Thing (1977)
Fat Men from Space (1977)
The Last Guru (1978)
Yobgorgle: Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario (1979)
Alan Mendelsohn: The Boy from Mars (1979)
Pickle Creature (1979)
Return of the Moose (1979)
The Wuggie Norple Story (1980)
Java Jack (1980) (with Luqman Keele)
Tooth-Gnasher Superflash (1981)
The Worms of Kukumlima (1981)
Superpuppy (1982) (with Jill Pinkwater)
Roger's Umbrella (1982)
Young Adult Novel (1982)
I Was a Second Grade Werewolf (1983)
Devil in the Drain (1984)
Ducks! (1984)
Jolly Roger: A Dog of Hoboken (1985)
The Frankenbagel Monster (1986)
The Moosepire (1986)
The Muffin Fiend (1986)
Aunt Lulu (1988)
Fish Whistle (1989)
Guys from Space (1989)
Uncle Melvin (1989)
Borgel (1990)
Doodle Flute (1991)
Wempires (1991)
The Phantom of the Lunch Wagon (1992)
Spaceburger (1993)
Author's Day (1993)
Ned Feldman, Space Pirate (1994)
The Afterlife Diet (1995)
Big Bob and the Thanksgiving Potatoes (1998)
Bongo Larry (1998)
he Education of Robert Nifkin (1998)
Ice-Cream Larry (1999)

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