Find Your Fate Junior Transformers
	9. The Invisibility Factor (1986)
Bardic Choices (with Mercedes Lackey)
	1. A Cast of Corbies (1994)
Prince of the Sidhe
	1. The Shattered Oath (1995)
	2. Forging the Runes (1996)
Secret of the Unicorn Queen
	Swept Away! (1988)
	The Dark Gods (1989)
	Swept Away / Sun Blind (2004) (with Gwen Hansen)
Bard's Tale
	1. Castle of Deception (1992) (with Mercedes Lackey)
	4. The Chaos Gate (1994)
Star Trek (with Susan M Shwartz)
	Vulcan's Forge (1997)
	Vulcan's Heart (1999)
	Exodus: Vulcan's Soul Book One (2003)
	The Captive Soul (1998)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Young Adult) (with Laura Anne Gilman)
	9. Visitors (1999)
	14. Deep Water (2000)
Mage Knight
	4. The Black Thorn Gambit (2004)
SERRAted Edge (with Mercedes Lackey)
	Stoned Souls (2004)
Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
	4. Through the Looking Glass (2005)
Chaim the Slaughterer (1975)
Golden Girl and the Crystal of Doom (1986)
The Shining Falcon (1989)
The Horse of Flame (1990)
Child of Faerie, Child of Earth (1992)
A Strange and Ancient Name (1992)
Windleaf (1993)
Gleaming Bright (1994)
King's Son, Magic's Son (1994)
Son of Darkness (1998)

A Sampler of Jewish-American Folklore (1992))(EDITED)
Rachel the Clever: And Other Jewish Folktales (1993)(EDITED)
Orphans of the Night (1995)(EDITED)
Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts: The Subversive Folklore of Childhood (1995)(EDITED)
In Celebration of Lammas Night (1995)(EDITED)
Trickster Tales: Forty Folk Stories from Around the World (1996)(EDITED)
Lammas Night (1996) (with Mercedes Lackey)(EDITED)
Merlin's Kin: World Tales of the Heroic Magician (1998)(EDITED)
Told Tales: Nine Folktales from Around the World (1999)(EDITED)
Magic Hoofbeats: Fabulous Horse Tales (2004)(EDITED)
Young Warriors: Stories Of Strength (2005) (with Tamora Pierce)(EDITED)

Barrel Racing (2000)(NF)
Bull Riding (2000)(NF)
Indian Tribes of North America (1986)(NF)
The First Americans: Spirit of the Land and the People (1996)(NF)
Xena: All I Need to Know I Learned from the Warrior Princess (1998)(NF)
Artificial Intelligence (2000) (with Robert L Perry)(NF)
Build Your Own Website (2000) (with Robert L Perry)(NF)
Multimedia Magic (2000) (with Robert L Perry)(NF)
Personal Computer Communications (2000) (with Robert L Perry)(NF)
Bill Gates: Computer King (2000)(NF)
Jeff Bezos: King of Amazon (2001)(NF)
Larry Ellison: Sheer Nerve (2001) (with Daniel Ehrenhaft)(NF)
The Ear: Learning How We Hear (2001)(NF)
The Upper Limbs: Learning about How We Use Our Arms, Elbows, Forearms, and Hands (2001)(NF)
Mythology for Storytellers (2002)(NF)
Henry Hudson: English Explorer of the Northwest Passage (2002)(NF)
Samuel de Champlain: Explorer of the Great Lakes Region and Founder of Quebec (2002)(NF)
Competitive Soccer for Girls (2002)(NF)
The History of the Internet (2003)(NF)
The History of the Personal Computer (2003)(NF)
Internet Safety (2003)(NF)
Flakes and Flurries: A Book about Snow (2003)(NF)
Gusts and Gales: A Book about Wind (2003)(NF)
Nature's Fireworks: A Book about Lightning (2003)(NF)
Shapes in the Sky: A Book about Clouds (2003)(NF)
Splish Splash!: A Book about Rain (2003)(NF)
Sunshine: A Book about Sunlight (2003)(NF)
Your Travel Guide to Ancient Israel (2003)(NF)
The Cold War (2003)(NF)
Geothermal Power (2003)(NF)
Hydroelectric Power (2003)(NF)
Nuclear Power (2003)(NF)
Solar Power (2003)(NF)
Wind Power (2003)(NF)
Your Travel Guide to Ancient China (2003)(NF)
Deep Space Observation Satellites (2003)(NF)
It's a Www. World (2004)(NF)
Fossil Fuel Power (2004)(NF)
Queen Lydia Liliuokalani, Last Ruler of Hawaii (2004)(NF)
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