Talisman (with Stephen King)
1. The Talisman (1984)
2. Black House (2001)
The Talisman And Black House (omnibus) (2003)

Criminal Records
3. Pork Pie Hat (1999)

Marriages (1973)
Julia (1975)
If You could See Me Now (1977)
Ghost Story (1979)
Shadowland (1980)
General's Wife (1982)
Floating Dragon (1983)
Under Venus (1984)
Koko (1988)
Mystery (1989)
Mrs God (1990)
The Throat (1993)
Blue Rose (1995)
The Hellfire Club (1996)
Mr. X (1999)
Lost Boy Lost Girl (2003)
In the Night Room (2004)
Ishmael (poems) (1972)(C)
Open Air (poems) (1972)(C)
Wild Animals (omnibus) (1984)(C)
Houses without Doors (1990)(C)
Ghosts (1995)(C)
Magic Terror (1997)(C)

The New Wave Fabulists (2002)
Peter Straub's Ghosts (1995)
The WaveDancer Benefit (2002) (with Pat Conroy, John Grisham, Stephen King)(NF)

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