A fairy dance can last years of human time. But, of course, human time means nothing to a fairy.

According to Fairies by Alan Lee and Brian Froud the French-derived word fairy and the Old English-derived word elf are virtually synonymous. Based on that, I'm going to use them both here. Ha!

Cornish Piskies: funny little fellows (always male), no bigger than hedgehogs. Each were identical to the other. Piskies wore wigs of gray moss that hung down to their shoulders, and atop each wiggy head was a peaked red cap. They buttoned up to their chins in trim brown coats, had brown breeches to match, and their green stockings were held up by garters just below their knees. They had round black eyes that seemed to be stuck in their rosy faces like the coal-eyes of Frosty the Snowman--and were just as cheerful as that winter-hero, too! They were always cheerful and good, though were prone to tease.

To keep a Pixie

Spriggans: the Mean cousins of Piskies. Ugly and mean, they were skinny with wrinkled skins, sloping shoulders, and stick-legs with flat frog-like feet. Their arms hung down to their knees and their hands were huge with (often) six fingers or more! Their heads were large and misshapen, with bulging brows and glowing red or yellow eyes. There were spriggans of both genders and were known to propogate, because their offspring were seen and were just as mean an ugly--if not more so!

How to Scare off a Spriggan

Knackers: elves who lived deep within the tunnels and caverns of Cornish mines. Friendly enough, though standoffish and hermit-ous. If spied upon, their ire would rise and they'd get their revenge and their respect!

Small People: looked like small, beautiful Humans--no wings, not tiny--just small. They were about a foot tall. The men had acorn-colored skin and the women had snowy-pale skin--but both genders were always dressed elegantly and immacualtely. The Small People lived in dells, meadows or cairns. They ate nothing but honey and blackberries and drank only dew or the freshest milk. The Small People were the ones who stole abused/neglected children and raised them alongside their own.

Sea People:

  • Llyr--the god of the Ocean.
  • Hoopers--strange small Sea People who lived close to the shore and were never seen, but often heard.
  • Merfolk--descendants of Llyr. Only the merMaids swam in clear water--the merMen and merChilder lived only in deep salt-water.

    Bloody Bones is a disgusting hobgoblin who has lived for as long as can be remembered in dank, dark cupboards under stairs. If you have such a cupboard in your house and are brave enough to peep through a crack, you might see a hideous crouching figure with blood running down his face, his hair matted with filth and blood, sitting on a pile of bones and leering at you. Bloody Bones is endlessly patient as he crouches in the dark waiting and watching and listening for a chance to pounce. His hapless victims? Naughty children who tell lies and say bad words. Watch out!

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    Much of what I know of Amerindian Fairy-Type beliefs would have a hard time filling a thimble appropriate for one of the beings being discussed. But I LOVE the art of some!

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