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fae, fey, faerie = French

elf, alf, aelf = Old English

Norse: maggots emerging from the corpse of the giant Ymir transformed themselves into the Light Elves and the Dark Elves.

  • Light Elves live in the air, are benign and happy.
  • Dark Elves live underground, are swarthy, evil and blighting.
  • Icelandic: Eve was washing all her children by the river when God spoke to her. In her awe and fear she hid the unwashed ones. She lied when he asked her if they were all there, so he hid the hidden ones--from man!--they became elves and faeries known and Huldre Folk in Scandinavia. Huldre girls are exceptionally beautiful with long cowstails or else they are hollow behind, presenting only a facade -- deception.

  • ALSO: fallen angels, heathen dead not good enough for Heaven but not evil enough for Hell compelled to 'live' forever between the twilight regions--the middle Kingdom.

  • Devon: pixies are considered the souls of un-baptised children.
  • Faerieland elusive
    • Hy Breasail = Irish
    • Isle of Man = British
    • Avalon
  • Hollow Hills
    • Sidhe (Gaelic), people of the hills. Originally meant the "hollow hills" of the Danaan.
    • Lammas Tide is August 7
    • Hollantide is November 11
    • ley lines are the well-worn paths of faerie
    • Bryn yr Ellyllon = Hill of the Goblins
    • Trow
    • Faerie Rings
    • Spriggans are dour, ugly, grotesque small villains, thieves, destructive and dangerous
    • Faerie Rade
    • Witches
  • All Christian-based elf/fae-lore is unreliable bastardization. Faerie predates Christianity by several centuries if not millennia, all over the world under one guise or another.

    Christians adopted the supernatural denizens of the pagan world into their demonologies.

    New Website link: The Celtic Goddess Collection for all kinds of neat stuff! This is actually a gallery of faery/celtic art by Jessica Galbreath. Check it out!

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